moisture absorbing capsules

Preserve Freshness with DRY TOP

The patented DRY TOP Universal Clip/Capsules and Drop-in Capsules are designed to preserve freshness and extend the useful life of dry food products used everyday. Prevent moisture and humidity from adversely affecting your items and enjoy fresh and crisp foods longer. DRY TOP technology also applies to  medications, electronics, collectables and much more!

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moisture absorbing clip/capsules

DRY TOP Products are Amazing! Remove unwanted moisture

The DRY TOP technology preserves freshness and saves money. Keep your food items dry & crisp for an extended period of time. Universal Clips are available to make capsules compatible with any container, jar or small enclosed space.

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Dry Top Jumbo moisture absorbing dehumidifer capsule

DRY TOP Jumbo 80 gram Capsules

Jumbo Capsules are great for a wide array of larger applications where extra drying power is needed.These 80 gram units can effectively control moisture in an 8 cubic foot enclosed space. Perfect for bulk food storage, toolbox, gun safes, sealed compartments, pet food, boats, RV’s, and many other moisture absorbing applications!

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Dry Top color indicating silic gel dessicant

Reusable, Eco-friendly and FDA Compliant Technology!

DRY TOP Capsules incorporate the latest reusable moisture absorbing technology. Color indicating silica gel turns from orange to dark green when capsule has absorbed excess moisture. Simply reactivate in any microwave, capsule turns orange and is ready to be used over and over again.

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Save Money! Keep Products Longer and Fresher

By using the DRY TOP moisture absorbing capsules with your favorite products you can confidently buy in bulk, enjoy the lower cost of those purchases. Stop discarding unused goods because they have gone stale or otherwise become unusable. Enjoy extended shelf life and freshness of expensive dry foods.

The many non food applications will save you money by maintaining the optimal condition of these items and eliminate mold, mildew and rank dampness from deterioration.

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Dry Top capsules preserve freshness and extend shelf life

I love the DRY TOP containers! Food is expensive and DRY TOP containers makes my food item last a lot longer and taste fresher! And it saved my iPhone one day when I dropped it in the pool! Thank you DRY TOP! Pamela Dumont

These DRY TOP CLIP-CAPSULES are life savers!! Thanks for creating such a great peel and stick product! I think I double the time my pretzels stay crisp! And I put some potato chips in there and they were awesome a month later!! Genius! Carl Lane

One Technology…Hundreds of Uses”

Developed & Patented in the USA


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