The DRY TOP Technology

Extend Product Life and Quality

Dry Food Containers

Gear Bag

Camera Equipment

Dry Top capsules control moisture in RV's

Recreational Vehicles

Dry Top capsules control moisture in tool bags

Tool Bag

Dry Top capsules control moisture in a boat galley

Boat Galley

Dry Top capsules control moisture in a bread box

Bread Box

Dry Top caosules control moisture in tackle boxes

Tackle Box

Dry Top capsules control moisture in dry food storage containers

Dry Food Storage Containers

Dry Top capsules control moisture in gun safes

Firearms Safe

Dog Food

Dry Top capsules control moisture in tool boxes

Tool Box

Dry Top technology keeps luggage contents dry


The Dry Top technology extends the life and inmproves the quality of dry foods
Dry Top technology absorbs excexx moisture
Dry Top technology absorbs excexx moisture in any container
Dry Top technology absorbs excexx moisture in any container

The DRY TOP technology allows you to extend product life and quality of stored dry foods. Keep them fresh and crisp after opening the original package. Dramatically extend the shelf life of your favorite dry foods, even if you use them daily. Just add a capsule into the opened original package and seal, or transfer contents into any container and add a Clip/Capsule to the inside of the top.

Stop unnecessary moisture damage from affecting your stored dry food products along with other items and gear. Dry Top capsules are cost effective and easy to use. Try the DRY TOP technology  in your home and enjoy the benefits of our effective solution. Prevent everyday moisture.

The DRY TOP technology adapts to any container on the market or already in your home. Convert any container into a hybrid moisture absorbing storage system. DRY TOP Universal Clip/Capsules are easy to install and fully reusable. Store your products safely by extending their shelf life and preserving quality with our patented technology/

Think about the many ways in which you can apply the DRY TOP technology in your everyday life. Remove unwanted moisture with our cost effective and easy to use Universal Clip/Capsules. Enjoy extended shelf life of food products and create a low humidity environment for storing anything that is suseptibe to moisture damage.


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DRY TOP Technology

Try our capsules in any enclosed space where excess moisture or humidity is present. Stick-on or Drop-in the appropriate DRY TOP Capsule and the problem no longer exists. Cost effective and easy to use, DRY TOP Capsules can be used over and over again!


Dry Top capsules preserve freshness and extend shelf life

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The DRY TOP technology incorporates the latest reusable color indicating silica gel and a proprietary membrane enclosing the desiccant. The indicating silica gel is an inert, non-toxic and cobalt free material, changing from orange to green notifying you when it needs to be reactivated. The FDA categorizes our Silica Gel as non-toxic and labels the product as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). DRY TOP products are sonically welded with a proprietary process that ensures the integrity of the top/capsule.