See the latest videos demonstrating the DRY TOP technology. See how easy it is to prevent harmful moisture and keep your dry food products tasting great and lasting much longer. Stop throwing out stale or spoiled products. Imagine the extended freshness!

Dry top capsules extend product life and quality

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Your capsules are great in our new RV to keep our crackers and chips super fresh!! Thanks!! ...

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Silica gel absorbs moisture for a number of household uses. Page 1 QVC.com

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The new DRY TOP technology incorporates the latest reusable color indicating silica gel and a proprietary membrane to enclose the moisture absorbing material. The indicating silica gel is an inert, non-toxic material that changes from orange to dark green when the product requires the simple reactivation process. The FDA categorizes our silica gel as non-toxic, and labels the products GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and Eco-friendly. DRY TOP products use a proprietary sonic welding process to ensure the integrity of all capsules and tops.