The DRY TOP “Lids” & “Canisters” are designed to preserve the freshness in dry foods; by absorbing the moisture captured in the food once the package is opened, causing the food to go stale, before eaten. Each time the lid is removed; new moisture is reintroduced into the canister causing staleness and mold to take over.The innovative patented 3 seal lid with a built in capsule which holds the latest non toxic indicating material provides the highest level of protection on the market today,  providing an air tight, bug free and moisture free environment within your canister. All the material used for our DRY TOP Products are FDA compliant, BPA Free, non-toxic and the products can be reused indefinably if instructions have been followed.These canisters are clear for easy viewing, with a built in hand grip, and are space-efficient square shaped making them modular and stackable, making the most of your storage space. The canisters are top rack dishwasher safe while the lids can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Another one of the Great benefits is that this patented lid can be reactivated in the Microwave saving you money on replacements as well as savings money on your bulk food buying. You will be overjoyed to the fact you will not have to tell the kids they have to eat the same cereal day after day until gone.



Microwave Oven: When the indicating silica gel changes from orange to green, place the Lid on a paper towel in your microwave for 45 seconds. Allow to cool. Repeat if necessary to return silica to its original orange color. (Note: Activation times based on maximum wattage of 750W-1200W. For higher wattage microwaves, cut time in half.)


“Original purpose was for food, but I have used DRY TOP for my stamp collection, comic book collection, vitamin capsules, even my large box of dishwashing powder. Did absolutely what it claimed to do – IT WORKS!” Bambi, Miami, FL“These units keep things dry. Better than I thought!” Donald, Bradenton, FL“These canisters let me buy food in bulk. Cereal stays fresh for weeks.” Georganna, Dallas, TX“DRY TOP helps you save money by keeping your food fresher longer.” Robert, Burgaw, NC