Reusable moisture absorbing capsules

Reusable Moisture Absorbing Capsules

Learn how to eliminate moisture damage from stored items | Reusable Moisture Absorbing Capsules provide an effective and easy to use dehumidifier solution for many products

Eliminate harmful moisture by using the DRY TOP Universal  Moisture Absorbing Capsules with peel-n-stick clips or the Jumbo 80 gram Capsules. This technology helps to prevent mold, mildew, and staleness from harming products you love. When storing dry foods, clothing, collectables, silverware, documents, photographs, electronics, even firearms and ammo the addition of DRY TOP Capsules produces an optimal dry environment. Everyday moisture and excessive humidity brings staleness, tarnishing, rusting and general decay to many products and items used everyday.

By using our Reusable Moisture Absorbing Capsules in the many applications suggested you now have a cost effective and easy to use solution to combat the negative effects of unwanted moisture damage. Utilize our moisture absorbing capsules to extend the useful life of many items, products. Unique to DRY TOP capsules, the reusable nature is a major improvement over other moisture absorbing products on the market. Our capsules are easily reactivated in seconds by using any microwave. This reactivation process allows our capsules to deliver peak performance over many cycles of use. Why spend money replacing items that have gone stale, have been affected by mold, mildew, rust, or otherwise become unusable? Now there is a universal moisture absorbing product that is cost effective, Eco-friendly, reusable and easy to use!

Use DRY TOP moisture absorbing capsules over and over again to improve food quality and shelf life, along with hundreds of non-food applications.

“One Technology…Hundreds of Uses”


Dry Top keeps food fresh longer


“One Technology…Hundreds of Uses”

Developed & Patented in the United States

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The new DRY TOP technology incorporates the latest reusable color indicating silica gel and a proprietary membrane to enclose the moisture absorbing material. The indicating silica gel is an inert, non-toxic material that changes from orange to dark green when the product requires the simple reactivation process. The FDA categorizes our silica gel as non-toxic, and labels the products GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and Eco-friendly. DRY TOP products use a proprietary sonic welding process to ensure the integrity of all capsules and tops.