Prevent Dry Food Moisture Contamination

The staleness and degrading of your stored dry foods can be put to an end by using DRY TOP capsules. Keep products dry and fresh. Remove unwanted moisture and enjoy extended shelf life.

The moisture content in dry food packaging and products stored in containers can now be controlled to  prevent mold & mildew and unnecessary staleness by using DRY TOP capsules. This effective and cost efficient solution is remarkable at extending the shelf life of many products used everyday. Our moisture absorbing capsules prevent dry food moisture contamination and are easily reactivated in any microwave, enabling them to be used over and over again. Most of today’s dry food products are packaged at an optimal moisture level below 18% – 20%, Once these packages are opened, the moisture level moves up and the degradation process begins. The more often the packages are opened, the faster the deterioration occurs.

DRY TOP capsules maintain that original quality of taste and crispness that consumers expect from their favorite products. Independent laboratory testing has shown that the DRY TOP capsule design will reduce the moisture level to an optimal range and help maintain original freshness. Our capsules can also be used is small enclosed spaces to dehumidify the ambient air and stop mold and mildew from taking hold of the contents.


Dry Foods enhanced by DRY TOP

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The new DRY TOP technology incorporates the latest reusable color indicating silica gel and a proprietary membrane to enclose the moisture absorbing material. The indicating silica gel is an inert, non-toxic material that changes from orange to dark green when the product requires the simple reactivation process. The FDA categorizes our silica gel as non-toxic, and labels the products GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and Eco-friendly. DRY TOP products use a proprietary sonic welding process to ensure the integrity of all capsules and tops.