Prevent Moisture Damage On Boats


moisture free boats on a dock

Moisture free boats on a dock!

The Marine Environment

The marine environment presents a real challenge when it comes to excessive moisture. You can now control and prevent moisture damage on boats by using DRY TOP technology. Our Universal Clip/Capsules and Jumbo 80 gram Drop-in Capsules act as a dehumidifier and desiccant, removing moisture where needed. Our Capsules prevent harmful moisture from degrading dry food storage, along with tool boxes, camera bags, and many other forms of marine equipment,  High levels of humidity and moisture surround boats and constantly cause rust, mold & mildew to rear their ugly heads. These negetive catalysts adversely affect your expensive marine gear and equipment.

Have you ever gone to dig out a stored piece of gear only to find it has become moldy or rusty? Now you can cost effectively combat the damaging effects of high humidity and excessive moisture. Prevent moisture damage on boats by deploying DRY TOP Capsules throughout the vessel. Controlling excess moisture in lockers, gear bags, cabinets, as well as the galley where you can keep dry food stores fresh, crisp and tasting great.


tttffffSailing yacht using Dry Top technology


Boat Specific Applications – Prevent Moisture Damage

Galley and Dry Food Applications, Chart Table, Flare Kits, Cabinets, Lockers, Tool Bags, Safety Harnesses & Lanyards, Battery Storage, Duffel Bags, Signal Flags, Smart Phones and Small Electronic Devices, Behind Electronic Panel, Life Preserver Storage, and much more. Use your imagination to devise ways to utilize DRY TOP Capsules around your yacht.

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The new DRY TOP technology incorporates the latest reusable color indicating silica gel and a proprietary membrane to enclose the moisture absorbing material. The indicating silica gel is an inert, non-toxic material that changes from orange to dark green when the product requires the simple reactivation process. The FDA categorizes our silica gel as non-toxic, and labels the products GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) and Eco-friendly. DRY TOP products use a proprietary sonic welding process to ensure the integrity of all capsules and tops.