DRY TOP Canisters

The canisters are a cost effective, simple to use, environmentally friendly solution for removing moisture from any items placed inside.

They are reusable and provide many cycles of use The moisture absorbing top can be easily reactivated in any microwave. Most of today’s dry food products are packaged at a moisture level below 15%, Dry TOP canisters maintain that original quality and have been tested by an independent laboratory and shown to reduce the moisture level and maintain original freshness. Our technology incorporates a wide mouth opening for easy access and a 3-seal design top to lock in freshness.

Important to note: The approximate enclosed spacial guidelines for DRY TOP Capsules are:

- Clip/Capsule with 20 grams of desiccant effectively controls 2 cubic feet.
- Jumbo Drop-in Capsule with 80 grams of desiccant effectively controls 8 cubic feet.

FDA Compliant and BPA Free, patented, trademarked, and sgs consumer tested. 100% reusable with a brief activation cycle in any microwave!
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