Universal Clips & Capsules

As a result of many requests a new Universal Clip & Capsule has been engineered to bring the DRY TOP technology to any existing canister or container on the market today.

You simply peel-n-stick our Clip to the inside of any canister or container top and snap in the capsule. You now have created a hybrid container that enjoys all the benefits of the DRY TOP technology and will extend the freshness and useful life of your favorite products in any existing container or small enclosed space.

Additionally the Universal Clip & 20 gram Capsule can effectively control moisture in a 2 cu. ft. enclosed space to reduce ambient moisture. Other applications include any sealed clothing containers, pet food container, safe deposit box… the list goes on and on!

Important to note: The approximate enclosed spacial guidelines for DRY TOP Capsules are:

- Clip/Capsule with 20 grams of desiccant effectively controls 2 cubic feet.
- Jumbo Drop-in Capsule with 80 grams of desiccant effectively controls 8 cubic feet.

FDA Compliant and BPA Free, patented, trademarked, and sgs consumer tested. 100% reusable with a brief activation cycle in any microwave!
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